Certified IFS by SGS
Certified BRC by BVQC
Certified Organic by Lacon
Certified Fairtrade by FLO


At Saraf the machines run round the clock to bring the best teas to the consumer's palate. But never do they stop working as they are cared for by the most experienced hands. The ratio of expert technicians to machines is 2:3. Though we have moved towards semi-automation with the latest technology our human capital remains our biggest strength. With people to work with commitment and responsibility and practice quality as part of their daily routine , this organization has taken confident strides through the ups and downs over the last 60 years.

Tasting and selection to this day is done by veteran tea tasters, the Directors of the company, Mr Ulhas Saraf & Mr Aravind Saraf with an illustrious track record and experience spanning almost 50 years each.


Saraf has continually invested in the latest technology and never compromised on quality of output. This has resulted in an enviable ensemble of machines has enabled the delivery of innovative products time and again.

8 IMA C21 Tea Bag machines (capacity 180 teabags per minute -   double chamber with string and tag. Also capable of crimped   envelope and heat sealed envelopes)

1 BOTO (Italian make) Pot tea bag machine that produces 750   bags per minute.

5 form fill machines 60 drops per minute (automatic weighing)

3 cellophane over wrapping machines

1 rotating type flavoring and blending drum.

3 rotating type horizontal blending drums.

1 Fiber extracting machine.

1 sorting machine for sorting various mesh sizes.

3 coding machines

2 air-conditioned storage rooms with controlled temperature and humidity conditions.Semi automatic packing line.

1 FP-100S pyramid tea bag machine with FW-100SA load cell

1 x 70 mm Dia Round Teabag machine capable of 80 teabags / minute


With packing area spread over 20,000 sq. feet and the storage area spread over 48,000 sq.feet , Saraf has one of the most sophisticated and spacious facilities in the country. Located in the port city of Tuticorin on the coast of Tamil Nadu in the south east of India , access to shipping lines has never been a problem.

The packing area itself is a fortress with air tight entrances that give no access to dust or pests so as to maintain the highest quality standards within. The facility is equipped with a docking system where container handling happens with minimum exposure to dust.

A room the size of two 40 containers with controlled temperature and humidity helps keep the herbs under tight vigilance. This facility is a sight to be seen to be believed in the truest sense.

Awards and recognitions

Six decades of existence for Saraf Tea have been marked with one milestone after another. From its humble beginnings as a buying agent to its present status as one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities the journey has been well rewarded. A glimpse of some of the achievements.

Export performance award from port of Tuticorin, 1986
Citations to Mr U V Saraf for chairmanship terms of the Tea Trade Association of Coimbatore & Cochin
Citations to Mr A V Saraf for chairmainship terms of the Tea Trade Association of Cochin
Most valued client award of the Union Bank of India
Largest tea warehouser award in the Coimbatore Auctions for four years in a row starting 2003
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